Eileen Stapleton

Administrative Team

Eileen Stapleton
Eileen Stapleton Receptionist

Eileen joined Boness Vets in January 2019. Eileen loves her job and working with such a dynamic team of people.

Over the years Eileen has worked with special needs children as a teaching assistant and as a carer for the elderly in residential care. She has also worked in a doctors surgery and as a veterinary receptionist.

Eileen has a dog called Alfie who was a rescue. He is such a character and she could actually write a book about all the things he has been up to over the last 12 years! Eileen’s biggest love is horses and is lucky enough to help her daughter with her horse Max. They attend local shows doing Dressage, show jumping and showing. Eileen believes animals are just magical and are great medication, they are always pleased to see you and are such great company.